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Jackie Kramer

Artistic Floral Photography
- Jackie is known for creating floral images that bring her subjects to life in artistic and colorful ways. She will share a plethora of techniques that she uses which include selective focus, lightpainting, multiple exposures, abstracts, intentional camera movement, and studio set ups. You will leave inspired to pick up your camera and shoot some flowers or other subjects through a new "lens.
Adding Textures in Photoshop
- Let's explore the addition of textures to floral images by stepping into the world of making your own textures and then combining them with your images. We will join Jackie as she demonstrates how she creates some of her textures and then hop into Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop where she will walk through the process of adding layers and blending them together to produce a more artistic effect. This can be applied to many other genre, such as landscape, wildlife, and portraiture.

Victoria Pavlov

What is New in Adobe Photoshop
In this class, Victoria will share with you what is new in Adobe Photoshop.
Digital Painting in Adobe Photoshop
- In this class, Victoria will share with you all that you need to start digital painting in Adobe Photoshop. 

How to be creative with drawing in Adobe Illustrator
- No need to be afraid of vector drawing. In this class Victoria will show you how you can boost your creativity while you are creating vector art even if you've never created vector art before.

How to get started with 3D compositing in Adobe Substance 3D Stager & Adobe Photoshop 
- In the modern world 3D art is a big part of any studio. In this class, Victoria will show you the tools and tricks you need to know to get started with 3D compositing. Add 3D elements to your 2D photos and make them look realistic.
Be creative from anywhere,  how to create eye-catching social posts for your business
- Now we can be creative everywhere. In this class, Victoria will show you how you can start working on your project from anywhere on your mobile devices.
- It has never been easier to create promotional material or social media posts for your business. Using templates or starting from scratch, you can create an impressive post just in a few minutes on your mobile device or on the web even if you've never learned graphic design.  

Photo compositing for begginers in Adobe Photoshop 
- In this class, Victoria will share with you her favorite tips and tricks for photo compositing in Adobe Photoshop on Desktop and Adobe Photoshop on iPad

How to get started with Adobe Fresco & Adobe Illustrator on iPad
- In this class, Victoria will show how to get started with Adobe Fresco and Adobe Illustrator on iPad 
Creative Pet Compositing
- In this class, Victoria will show how to composite creative pet portrait
Judy Host

The Art and Beauty of Ballet Photography By Judy Host
- The Art and Beauty of Ballet Photography By Judy Host
In this presentation, Judy will share with the audience how she photographs Ballet Dancers and brings an element of excitement to her imagery through the use of camera movement, strobes, constant light, natural light, and a slow shutter. She will also discuss posing your subject and styling the image. Movement, along with light and composition are the elements that draw the viewer to your work and holds their attention. Additional topics covered are: the concept, previsualizing, location, lighting, winning images and Processing. The second half of this presentation includes "How to" blend Textures and Graphics into your winning images.
Chita Hunter 

Get Acquainted with the Adobe Lightroom Mobile App
- A comprehensive overview of the Lightroom mobile app. Learn about Presets, Masking, Vignettes, Cropping, Versions, Watermarks, and so much more
Chana Messer

Do not be afraid of Channels 
- In this class, we are going to explain the "Mystery" of Channels in Photoshop. 
Alpha Channels, Spot Channels, Image Channels, and much more!
Eileen Sklon

“Painting with Your Camera” Using ICM with a camera or a mobile phone.
- Eileen will be showing you how using Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) can produce a Painterly/Impressionistic image. You will learn the settings, movements and editing that will enable you to create works of art. Most will be captured in camera/phone with use of Photoshop and Topaz Studio 2 to enhance your images.
Tracy Bosworth Page

Women for Women: Branding Images for Female Entrepreneurs and Executives
Tracy Bosworth Page invited Entrepreneur and Business Coach Maureen Sutton for a Master Class in how to do do branding sessions for women. We discuss not just the technicality of the images but also the psychology of how to take the images. Learn not just Tracy's tips and tricks but also insight from both Maureen's own branding session along with their advice to how to approach these sessions.
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